A restaurant chef preparing a dish

Family owned.

Family run.

Family friendly.



In 1983, Sam’s nephew Paul began managing what has been Seafood Sam’s for over 40 years now.

In the beginning, Paul’s mother (Sam’s sister Nancy) worked the register and made every customer feel welcomed and taken care of. In the kitchen, Paul was meticulous about absolutely everything and it made a difference in those early lean years of building a reputation as a place people could count on for a great meal at a fair price.

Forty years is a long time for one man to run the whole show, but Paul had his family to help him. His wife, his mother, his three kids, a few nephews, a cousin, a best friend. And Paul was great at hiring people he could count on. So many people helped him along the way, and a bunch of them became family. And their families became family, and regular customers became family, and they all spread by word of mouth that this little restaurant was a gem.

Little is not an exaggeration. The original Seafood Sam’s building was less than half the size it is now. That is until 2003 when Paul added on to the building. Again, he led the family in creating the next generation of the dream. A jack of all trades kind of guy, Paul acted as general contractor and had his family on the crew that expanded the building from seating just 26 guests to accommodating 99!

Sadly, Paul passed away, in January of 2023, after a long illness, but part of him lives on here. He is sorely missed by all who knew him because he always made an impact in people’s lives. Paul was a man of dedication, perseverance, loyalty, and devotion. His philosophy of “you’ll see” always left the door open to possibility.

Seafood Sam’s Yarmouth

and it’s continued success is Paul’s legacy.

Paul raised three kids who all worked here at some point, and now one of his daughters owns it.

He grew a family here.    

Bring yours.  

Let’s make it a tradition.